6 Time Deportee Drunkenly Slaughters Man in California Hit and Run

A California man is dead thanks to a 6 time deportee who was driving drunk in Santa Ana. Horta (who was identified in some other reports as Ramon Horta-Jaime) was arrested this week and charged with killing Marcello Bisarello. Police said Horta did not have a valid license and was under the influence when he […]

Two Illegals Busted for Running Sex Trade Operation

Local and federal authorities in Albertville, AL seized two illegal aliens who stand accused of running a sex trade operation. Ricardo Castaneda, 33, and Humberto Erazo-Medrano, 42, were taken into custody after Albertville police, Marshall County Sheriff’s deputies, the FBI and the Dept. of Homeland Security executed a search warrant on a residence in Albertville. […]

Santorum Challenges Open Borders

GOP Presidential candidate Rick Santorum took on the issue of mass immigration and it’s effect on American workers during last night’s Republican Presidential debate. Specifically, he attacked Sen. Lindsey Graham’s lax position on border security and amnesty. “We have an immigration policy that Senator Graham supported that brings in even more low-wage workers into this […]