Christie: Never a Path to Citizenship

GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie tried his hand at finessing the question of illegal aliens by sounding tough with “never a path to citizenship” but declining to discuss amnesty or legalization. New Jersey Governor and Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie stated he wouldn’t take any position on legalizing people in the US until the border […]

Carson: Cut Welfare for Illegals

Republican Presidential candidate Ben Carson told an audience in Las Vegas cutting welfare benefits for illegal aliens could be done easily within a year to cut down the attraction for illegal aliens to migrate to the United States. The retired neurosurgeon said it could be done easily in a year and suggested prosecuting all first-time […]

Illegals Demand Their Own “Bill of Rights”

Illegal aliens published their list of demands under the guise of a so-called “Bill of Rights” which include free health care, in state tuition rates and eventually full citizenship. The document oxymoronically calls for and end to the arrest and deportation of  “all law-abiding undocumented Americans.” “We know we have human rights, even though our […]

Jihadists to Lose Citizenship . . . in Australia

Once again, other English-speaking democracies around the globe lead the way when it comes to dealing with illegal immigration. Today, it’s Australia which announced it will revoke citizenship for Australian-born citizens of immigrants who join terrorist group ISIS. Australia can currently only revoke citizenship in cases of fraud in the citizenship application or where an […]