Ted Cruz: Shut the IRS and Send IRS Agents to the Border

Republican Presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz offered a plan to help Americans and secure the border by saying if elected he’d close the IRS and reassign their workforce to police the Southern Border.U.S. Senator Cruz, flanked by Senator Lee and Senator Vitter, speaks against pending immigration legislation during a news conference at the U.S. Capitol in Washington

“We need to padlock that building. Take all 90,000 and move them down on the southern border,” Cruz said of the employees currently working at the IRS building. “Imagine if you traveled thousands of miles in the blazing sun, you’re swimming across the Rio Grande, and the first thing you see is 90,000 IRS agents; you’d turn around and go home, too!”

The IRS shutdown would be part of Cruz’s Flat Tax proposal.  Under the Flat Tax, the IRS code (currently longer than the Bible!) would be thrown out and replaced with a 10% tax on income above $36,000.

Whatever your opinion of the Flat Tax, it’s a fact 90,000 IRS agents working border security would be a better use of resources for this country than what they are doing now.