Obama Says Middle East Christians Aren’t Refugees

Apparently, it is possible to deport refugees seeking asylum in the United States.

15 of 27 Iraqi Christians held in a California detention center for the last six months will be deported as the Obama regime has denied them refugee status.

Obama’s flacks give the reason for the denials as

The answer is that the Obama administration defines refugees as people “persecuted by their government.” In other words, the only “real” refugees are those made so due to the actions of Bashar Assad. As for those who are being raped, slaughtered, and enslaved based on their religious identity by so-called “rebel” forces fighting Assad—including the Islamic State—their status as refugees is evidently considered dubious at best.

It appears Obama is taking a political stance against the Christian refugees because many of them supported regimes Obama opposed.

However, in many cases across the Middle East, when Obama got his regime change and virulent Islamic extremists took power, Christians were the first to face persecution.st thomas church syria

In addition, when it comes to Christian refugees crossing the Southern Border, Obama seems to find the time and energy to detain them

The Obama administration’s bias is evident even regarding to the Iraqi Christians’ illegal crossing of the U.S.-Mexico border, the occasion on which they were arrested. WND correctly observes: “At the same time the Obama administration [is] deporting Christians, it has over the years allowed in hundreds of Muslim migrants from Africa and the Middle East who crossed the Southern border the same way the Chaldeans did.”