Obama Demands Schools Welcome Illegals

A new Department of Education guide called “Supporting Undocumented Youth” urges schools to create a welcoming environment for illegal aliens and pushes schools to help illegals lobby for amnesty and demand other taxpayer goodies. “The Department hopes that educators, schools, and campuses will, as they see fit, draw upon the tips and examples in this […]

Prisoners WIN Debate With Harvard Team Over Illegal Immigration

Maybe the problem with the GOP Congressional leadership is they haven’t been to prison yet. A debate team made up of prisoners at the maximum-security Eastern correctional facility in New York recently defeated an all-star team from Harvard University. The topic: illegal immigration in schools. Harvard was for illegal immigrants in public schools and the prisoners […]

Schools Struggle With Illegals

America’s schools face a huge burden when it comes to illegal immigration.  Despite the fact schools are supported by local taxpayers, they have their hands tied when it comes to determining who can access the educational resources provided by the community.   “Our mission is not about determining who should and shouldn’t go to school […]