5 Syrian “Refugees” With Fake Passports Arrested On Their Way to USA

Surely President Obama’s toothless and indifferent border security patrols would have nabbed these so-called “refugees”.  Unless they were simply part of the flood of illegal aliens who pour over the border every single day. Honduran authorities have detained five Syrian nationals who were trying to reach the United States using stolen Greek passports, but there […]

Immigrant Poses As Dentist, Harms Victims

Texas police have taken Honduran immigrant Mario Sabillon-Mejia and his accomplice, Tiffany Gonzalez, into custody last Wednesday for posing as dentists in Dallas. The pair are held on a felony charge: practicing medicine without a license, and two misdemeanor counts of dangerous sedatives and anesthetics. Police say they caught on to what Sabillion-Mejia and his […]

Schools Struggle With Illegals

America’s schools face a huge burden when it comes to illegal immigration.  Despite the fact schools are supported by local taxpayers, they have their hands tied when it comes to determining who can access the educational resources provided by the community.   “Our mission is not about determining who should and shouldn’t go to school […]

Federal Judge Says Illegals Don’t Have to Post Bond

Illegal aliens who can’t afford it after they are detained for breaking immigration law do not have to post a bond to be released from federal prison says a federal judge in Seattle. U.S. District Judge Robert Lasnik “said that the immigration court’s blanket refusal to consider conditional parole for immigrant detainees potentially impinges on […]

State Department Program to pay for children from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras to come to US

A new State Department and Department of Homeland Security Program will fly immigrant children from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador to their parents in the U.S. for free. Parents can apply to have their children picked up and flown over the border, as long as they meet a basic immigration status, The Washington Times reported. The program was created […]

Thousands of Illegal Minors Still Crossing Border

The Department of Homeland Security reports over 2,000 unaccompanied illegal alien minors are still caught crossing the border every month. While these numbers are lower than the infamous 2014 “surge”, they still represent higher totals than in the past. For the most part, these illegal arrivals are simply released and end up joining the millions […]