Prisoners WIN Debate With Harvard Team Over Illegal Immigration

Maybe the problem with the GOP Congressional leadership is they haven’t been to prison yet.

A debate team made up of prisoners at the maximum-security Eastern correctional facility in New York recently defeated an all-star team from Harvard University.Eastern_Correctional_Facility_NY1

The topic: illegal immigration in schools. Harvard was for illegal immigrants in public schools and the prisoners argued against illegal in schools.

The inmates were asked to argue that public schools should be allowed to deny enrollment to undocumented students, a position the team opposed.

One of the judges, Mary Nugent, told the Wall Street Journal that the Bard team effectively made the case that the schools which serve undocumented children often underperformed. The debaters proposed that if these so-called dropout factories refuse to enroll the children, then nonprofits and wealthier schools might intercede, offering the students better educations. She told the paper that Harvard’s debaters did not respond to all aspects of the argument.

Apparently, maximum security prisoners from New York have a better grasp on the illegal alien issue than the Congressional leadership.