Majority of Immigrants Take Welfare Says New Study

51% of immigrant households, legal and illegal, accessed welfare programs according to a new study. Only 30% of native American households accessed welfare. “The [Survey of Income Program Participation] shows that households headed by immigrants use welfare at significantly higher rates than natives, even higher than indicated by other Census surveys,” said Steven Camarota, a […]

Americans Lose Jobs to Immigrants Again

According to the latest job growth figures, foreign-born workers once again outpaced native-born workers in October. In October: Total employment rose 320,000, up by 0.2% Native-born American employment rose by 198,000, up by 0.2% Foreign-born employment rose by 122,000 – up by 0.5% Immigrant employment grew 0.5% in October—two and one-half times the 0.2% growth […]

Jobs Shocker: U.S. Added 3x More Foreign-Born Workers than Native Born

The latest disappointing jobs report showing slack jobs growth and a massive decrease in the labor force participation rate also unveiled a startling statistic: since December  2007, the U.S. has added three times as many jobs for foreign-born workers than for native-born workers.   While we “know” that a paltry 142K jobs were added according […]