Majority of Immigrants Take Welfare Says New Study

51% of immigrant households, legal and illegal, accessed welfare programs according to a new study. Only 30% of native American households accessed welfare. “The [Survey of Income Program Participation] shows that households headed by immigrants use welfare at significantly higher rates than natives, even higher than indicated by other Census surveys,” said Steven Camarota, a […]

Americans Lose Jobs to Immigrants Again

According to the latest job growth figures, foreign-born workers once again outpaced native-born workers in October. In October: Total employment rose 320,000, up by 0.2% Native-born American employment rose by 198,000, up by 0.2% Foreign-born employment rose by 122,000 – up by 0.5% Immigrant employment grew 0.5% in October—two and one-half times the 0.2% growth […]

Jobs Shocker: U.S. Added 3x More Foreign-Born Workers than Native Born

The latest disappointing jobs report showing slack jobs growth and a massive decrease in the labor force participation rate also unveiled a startling statistic: since December  2007, the U.S. has added three times as many jobs for foreign-born workers than for native-born workers.   While we “know” that a paltry 142K jobs were added according […]

Foreign-Born Share of US Population to Reach Record High

According to the Pew Research Center, the percentage of foreign-born population residing in the United States will reach a record of nearly 18% by 2065 if current trends are maintained. In the 50 years since the 1965 Immigration and Naturalization Act was passed, 59 million immigrants have flooded into the United States. Immigration since 1965 […]

Jobs Report Stunner: Nearly All New Jobs Went to Foreign-Born

Economists and politicians hailed Friday’s jobs report as a howling success with both the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s Establishment report and Household survey showing over 280,000 jobs created in the past month far above expectations of 215,000. However, the folks at Zero Hedge dug into the BLS data sets a little closer than the mainstream […]