Record High 3 Million Work Permits Issued by Obama in 2013

Even with workforce participation levels for working age Americans at a multi-decade low, the Obama Administration approved a record number of work permits for foreigners in 2013 and the avalanche of foreign workers shows no signs of slowing. At least 3 million foreign nationals were granted work permits, work visas, and green cards in 2013, with […]

Obama Amnesty Figures Exposed as Fraud

It should come as no surprise the numbers provided to Congress in support of the President’s unconstitutional executive action on immigration are at the best misleading and at worst deliberate lies. At a recent Congressional hearing, Rep. Matt Cartwright quoted directly from the White House Council for Economic Advisers: The White House Council of Economic […]

Social Security and Medicare Open to Illegals

Another fun result of President Obama’s illegal immigration amnesty last week has come to light. While most of the attention was on how lawbreakers were being excused for their crimes, it looks like President Obama had another way to reward those who broke the law to enter our country: gift them with Social Security and […]