Social Security and Medicare Open to Illegals

Another fun result of President Obama’s illegal immigration amnesty last week has come to light.

While most of the attention was on how lawbreakers were being excused for their crimes, it looks like President Obama had another way to reward those who broke the law to enter our country: gift them with Social Security and Medicare benefits.

“According to a federal law signed in 1996, people who have FICA payroll taxes collected under the Federal Insurance Contributions Act can collect Social Security and Medicare when they become eligible, if they are deemed “lawfully present in the United States.”

Obama’s amnesty plan not only frees millions of immigrants from the worry of deportation, but it also allows them to legally obtain Social Security numbers and work permits.”

According to the Washington Post , Obama’s edict will mean millions of previously illegal immigrants will be lawfully present in the United States.
Federal law says that people who pay the taxes and are deemed “lawfully present in the United States” can collect benefits under those programs when they become eligible. They may also receive survivor and disability benefits.

“If they pay in, they can draw,” White House spokesman Shawn Turner said by e-mail.”

At this time it is impossible to estimate how much this will drain from the Social Security Trust Fund but one estimate indicates these newly-amnestied illegals will draw three dollars for every dollar they contribute to the Trust Fund.