Obama Forces Sheriff Joe to Speak Spanish in His Prisons

As part of the deal to end the witchhunt against Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Maricopa County, President Obama’s Justice Department has forced Sheriff Joe to provide Spanish-language services in Maricopa County jails. In addition, Maricopa County will be forced to provide Spanish-language classes in its jails. Comically, the Justice Department under Obama, which has acted […]

Supreme Court Wipes Out AZ Law Denying Bail for Illegals Accused of Serious Felonies

The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the case Maricopa County v. Lopez-Valenzuela which overturns an Arizona referendum law denying bail for illegal aliens who are jailed for serious felonies. The law, approved by a whopping 78% of Arizona voters, denied bail for illegal immigrants “if the proof is evident or the presumption great that the […]

Interactive Map Shows Deportations By County

The Center for Immigration Studies has just compiled and released an interactive map showing deportations by county under the since cancelled Secure Communities program. See the map here. The total number of removals shown is 406,441, which is a subset of all ICE removals. The three counties with the most cumulative removals over the period […]