Interactive Map Shows Deportations By County

The Center for Immigration Studies has just compiled and released an interactive map showing deportations by county under the since cancelled Secure Communities program.

See the map here.

The total number of removals shown is 406,441, which is a subset of all ICE removals. The three counties with the most cumulative removals over the period were Los Angeles County, Calif.; Maricopa County, Ariz.; and Harris County, Texas, which all were among the first places in the country where Secure Communities was activated.


The cumulative totals are a function of several factors in combination: 1) the number of non-citizens who were arrested and identified in each jurisdiction; 2) ICE’s ability to take custody and process the aliens who are identified; and 3) the extent of cooperation provided by county sheriffs. The greater the number of criminal alien arrests, ICE capacity, and local cooperation in a jurisdiction, the greater the number of removals ICE can carry out and, by extension, the greater the public safety benefits for each county.


The Secure Communities program was discontinued as part of President Obama’s executive actions of November 2014. It was replaced by the Priority Enforcement Program, which has set up significant logistical and political hurdles for ICE in taking custody of criminal aliens.

Expect this map to get a lot less green over the next few years of the Obama regime.