The Invasion IS Happening, America

Ladies and Gentlemen of America,

Ann Coulter is one of my greatest heroes fighting in the social media for returning the United States of America back to governance under our rules of law.

By now it is no secret the USA is the literal target of invasion by foreign nationals who blatantly defy our nation’s immigration laws to come here to establish their own homelands within US territory.

The invasion is so blatant and obvious even a cave man could see it.

However, Democratic Party members, and some Republican Party members, continue to pretend that this unprecedented invasion of the USA is not happening.

The invasion IS happening, America, and many of the persons we have elected to public office (primarily Democrats) do not care to be inconvenienced with a remedy to the dilemma. That remedy is simple and quite effortless: It’s called “enforcing the law”: a concept that has preserved the USA as a civilized society for over two centuries.

For decades we have pleaded with our political governors to bring our country back under the rule of law by simply enforcing our immigration laws. Yet, all of our pleas, our humble solicitations, our passionate urges have fallen on mostly deaf ears and blind eyes.

Our humble attempts to bring our nation back under the rule of law, in accordance with protocols established by our Constitution, have failed. Freedom to assemble and speak is meaningless when those assemblies and pleadings by the people are deliberately ignored.
Yes, America: ignored by political governors without the elementary courage and spiritual determination to preserve America as a nation of laws.

These are truly ugly days for our country.

Apparently, the only thing our political governors understand is the imminent threat of civil unrest.

I do not outwardly profess that Americans engage in a violent civil uprising. However, if such is the consequence of governments, both federal and state, who arrogantly and deliberately neglect and dismiss the grievances of the people they purportedly represent, then I will do nothing to stop such outcome. For I am helpless to stop it.

United States of America: may God help you.

Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President, The Minuteman Project