Obama Executive Amnesty: ‘Get Prepared’


Breitbart — With President Obama expected to announce executive action on immigration reform soon, Illinois Democratic Rep. Luis Gutiérrez says he is telling people to “get ready.” “It’s music to my ears that someone would have a source at the White House that say it’s 5 million. Let me just say, tomorrow, the next day, […]

Out of the “Shadows” for Illegal Aliens, but into the Smokescreen of Guns Firing on Disenfranchised Americans


Commentary by Jim Gilchrist Dear Americans, An arbitrary decision by the president to amnesty five million illegal aliens actually means amnesty for the entire 30+ million illegal aliens currently occupying US territory. The Democratic Party is misleading the nation by claiming only five million aliens will be legalized by the unilateral stroke of a tyrant’s […]

Obama Considering Changes In Green Cards, Immigration Action Beyond Deportation

Obama More Action Immigration

Fox News — President Barack Obama is considering key changes in the nation’s immigration system requested by tech, industry and powerful interest groups, in a move that could blunt Republicans’ election-year criticism of the president’s go-it-alone approach to immigration. Administration officials and advocates said the steps would go beyond the expected relief from deportations for […]

Minuteman Project radio round-up


Jim Gilchrist, founder and president of the Minuteman Project, is doing all he can to spread the word about his citizen-backed effort to secure America’s southern border. Listen to his most recent radio and podcast interviews below: The Cindy Graves Show Pastor Greg Young —- The Thom Hartmann Program, August 13, 2014 The Dan Cofall […]

Refugee Status for Illegal Alien Children is a Myth


Commentary from Jim Gilchrist — Refugee Status for Illegal Alien Children is a Myth Dear Americans and Legal U. S. Residents, The 63,000 illegal alien children from Central America are not the political refugees they say they are. Nor are they fleeing into the USA because of violence in their homelands. Those are myths broadcasted […]

New Media Leading Way to Defeat Establishment’s Amnesty


Breitbart — Senate Budget Committee ranking member Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) told Breitbart News in a lengthy phone interview on Tuesday that the new media are the backbone of the conservative anti-amnesty movement, and that last week’s unification of the GOP against amnesty wouldn’t have happened without the alternative viewpoint being presented to the public […]

DREAMERS Vow Confrontations With Lawmakers to Push Amnesty


Breitbart — Two DREAMers who accosted Rep. Steve King (R-IA) and then falsely accused him of “hatred” are just getting started in confronting lawmakers. The incident at a Monday fundraiser in Iowa was caught on camera, and DREAMers Erika Andiola and Cesar Vargas declared in a follow-up video that lawmakers better be on alert for […]

Obama Must be Stopped From Writing His Own Open Border Laws


Dr. Jerome Corsi — We are at the brink of a Constitutional crisis. Now that Congress has failed to pass an immigration reform act, President Obama is on record as saying he will us his “pen and phone” to write his own immigration reform policy. This clearly exceeds the president’s Constitutional authority. Moreover, failure to […]