New Assault on American Workers – Just-in-Time Immigration

Jim Gilchrist, MMP Exclusive – Just when you thought you’ve heard everything, here comes Hilda Ochoa-Brillembourg, chairman and CEO of the Strategic Investment Group, to promote the idea of “just-in-time immigration” as an American “personnel system built for the 21st century”. Under this concept, whenever there is a mismatch between supply and demand for “human […]

Immigration Madness Continues – The Elites Finally Propose the Unthinkable!

Jim Gilchrist, MMP Exclusive – Writing in the March 10 issue of The Wall Street Journal Online, Argeo Paul Cellucci and Stephen R. Kelly assert that if workers were allowed to move freely in North America, the ‘path to U.S. citizenship’ problem would fade away: “Take the final logical step of the North American Free […]

High-Skilled Foreigners Not Better Or Brighter Than U.S. Workers

TechCrunch – While America’s political and business elite are pressing Congress to ease high-skilled immigration laws, a new study argues that foreign workers aren’t necessarily better or brighter. “The immigrant workers, especially those who first came to the United States as foreign students, are in general of no higher talent than the Americans, as measured […]

Boosting Our Economy With a “Free Lunch” Program for Foreign Entrepreneurs

Jim Gilchrist, MMP Exclusive – According to Washington Post columnist Vivek Wadhwa, the latest version of the Start-up Visa program under consideration in Washington amounts to a “free lunch” for the Nation. So why not do it? [See column at] Under this program, up to 75,000 foreign students and skilled workers will get to […]

How Foreign Students Hurt U.S. Innovation

Bloomberg – In the old days, the U.S. program for foreign-student visas helped developing nations and brought diversity to then white-bread American campuses. Today, the F-1 program, as it is known, has become a profit center for universities and a wage-suppression tool for the technology industry. International students are attractive to strapped colleges because they […]

Grassley Steps Up to the Plate – Seeks Expansion of E-Verify

Jim Gilchrist, MMP Exclusive — Not fooled by current immigration reform proposals that merely pay lip service to border security, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), the ranking member on the Senate judiciary committee, last week introduced legislation that would require all employers to confirm the legality of their employees through E-Verify. The Internet-based system provides employers […]