VIDEO: Ann Coulter releases intense new book, “Adios America!”

anne coulterYesterday, Ann Coulter released her seventh book, Adios, America! — The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole, which discusses immigration (both legal and illegal) and the problems it sparks in America today.

In an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, she commented, “I wasn’t going write a book about immigration. I was going to have a few chapters on immigration. Then I go to look up some basic, obvious facts that most Americans will be shocked the government refuses to tell us… That was when I called my publisher and said this is going to be a different book. You can’t believe what I’m finding here!”

“It’s one thing for the government to miss criminals who are running across the border. That’s bad enough,” Coulter continued, “How about the ones the government looked over and said, you’ll make a fine addition to this country. And then they’re blowing up the Boston Marathon. It doesn’t occur to Americans that we have any control over this.”

In Adios, America!, Coulter explains her frustration that immigrants are changing America for the worse. She cites examples of illegal immigrants committing violent crimes while having their costs of living paid for by U.S. tax dollars.

“We need to end the insane policy of anchor babies, illegal aliens running across the border or arriving, flying in from China, and staying in immigration hotels, giving birth specifically to get American citizenship,” concluded Coulter on “Hannity” yesterday.

Watch the interview below: