Rubio A Liar When It Comes to Foreign Workers Displacing Americans

An attorney for Disney IT workers who recently were fired and forced to train their foreign national replacements has called out Florida Senator Marco Rubio for his unabashed support for the H1-B visa program that allows such corporate shenanigans. The American workers are filing a lawsuit against Disney for failing to follow the provisions of […]

Outsourcers Game Visa System Against American Workers

Big international outsourcing companies are rigging the H1-B visa program which is squeezing out American workers and driving down wages for American tech workers.  the outsourcing companies are squeezing out legitimate users of the program,” he said. “The H-1Bs are actually pushing jobs offshore.” Those firms have used the visas to bring their employees, mostly […]

Trump Walks Back Foreign Worker Endorsement

Donald Trump has carried the banner against illegal immigration to the top of the polls in the GOP Presidential sweepstakes. However, his performance in the latest debate regarding high-paying jobs being taken from Americans and given to foreign replacements through the H1-B visa program has slowed his momentum. Trump attempted to clarify his position in […]

Canned Disney Workers Speak Out on Foreign Replacements

Two American IT workers spoke out about how Disney couldn’t wait to get rid of higher-paid U.S. workers and replace them with dirt-cheap foreign workers. David Powers and Leo Perrero spent 10 years at Disney creating methods for the company to use data to enhance the Disney experience. Both men received some of the highest […]

You “R” Fired! Toy Company Dumps US Workers for Foreign Replacements

A New York Times expose shows exactly how a corporate giant abuses freely available temporary H1-B visas to outsource good-paying jobs. For four weeks this spring, a young woman from India on a temporary visa sat elbow to elbow with an American accountant in a snug cubicle at the headquarters of Toys “R” Us here. […]