“Beltway Crapweasel” Rubio’s Ties to Open Borders Billionaires

Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin runs down GOP presidential contender Marco Rubio’s long association with and financial ties to Big Business billionaires who are seeking to import millions of cheap foreign laborers. Facebook, Microsoft and Silicon Valley back Marco Rubio. Mark Zuckerberg is a social justice CEO who panders to Hispanics with his pro-amnesty, anti-deportation advocacy; […]

Illegals Bragging About How Easy it is to Beat Border Security

The latest flood of illegal immigrants is being driven by current illegals who are bragging on social media about how easy it is to sneak into the United States and how they don’t face deportation or detention. Getting into the United States is so easy, and staying here a cinch, that illegals are even telling […]

Billionaires Try to Jam Unfettered Immigration Down Our Throats

The 1% of the 1% are tossing their considerable financial muscle towards erasing the U.S. border and ushering in an era of insanely cheap labor for themselves and a docile voting majority for their political henchmen. Led by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, the FWD.US front group is preparing to lavish $10 million or more on […]

Rubio A Liar When It Comes to Foreign Workers Displacing Americans

An attorney for Disney IT workers who recently were fired and forced to train their foreign national replacements has called out Florida Senator Marco Rubio for his unabashed support for the H1-B visa program that allows such corporate shenanigans. The American workers are filing a lawsuit against Disney for failing to follow the provisions of […]

Illegals “Undocumented and Unafraid”

A new slogan has arisen among the millions of illegal aliens in the United States which speaks to how they now view U.S. enforcement of basic immigration law: “Undocumented and Unafraid.” Of course “undocumented” is the prefered word for the mainstream media to use when referring to illegal aliens. But now these illegal aliens have […]

The Big, Fat “American Worker Recruitment First” Lie of H-1B

Michelle Malkin takes off after the purveyors of H1-b visa abuse. Aside from the testimony of academics and whistleblowers, she highlights another example of President Obama’s questionable use of executive power to game the immigration system. Miano’s testimony was particularly important because he explained how the little known “OPT” (Optional Training Program) for foreign students is […]