Canned Disney Workers Speak Out on Foreign Replacements

Two American IT workers spoke out about how Disney couldn’t wait to get rid of higher-paid U.S. workers and replace them with dirt-cheap foreign workers.

David Powers and Leo Perrero spent 10 years at Disney creating methods for the company to use data to enhance the Disney experience.Disney_Orlando_castle_at_night

Both men received some of the highest awards in the company and were expecting promised bonuses when they met with top Disney executive recently.

Instead they hear the dreaded words: You are being laid off.

“When a guillotine falls down on you, in that moment you’re dead… and I was dead,” says former Disney employee David Powers.

To make it worse, the Disney executives gave the pair 90 days to get out but also demanded they train their own replacements.


On top of the job loss, the two men told ABC 7 that training their Indian replacements — at their own desks, no less — stripped them of their dignity.

“I felt extremely un-American,” Perrero says. “I felt like I was part of destroying our economy because I had to train a replacement that was going to come here, take my job and potentially take other people’s jobs.”

These are not jobs Americans won’t do nor are they jobs Disney executives couldn’t find Americans willing to do.

These highly specialized tech fields yield average salaries in the $100,000 range, but for the younger, foreign workers their median salary is about 62,000 — some even less, according to published reports. In response, Disney acknowledges it outsourced Powers’ and Perrero’s jobs to Indian workers, but Disney claims they’ve expanded and added jobs for U.S. IT workers.

Someone please tell Powers and Perrero how much unlimited immigration is a boon for American workers again?