Illegals Up In Arms Over Three Commonsense Oregon Initatives

Illegal alien zealots are whining and stamping their feet over three commonsense state-level initiatives set for the 2016 ballot in the state of Oregon. Their three proposals would make English the state’s official language, require people to provide proof of citizenship when registering to vote, and make employers verify workers’ legal status. The state legislature […]

Obama Prepping 9 Million Green Card Holders to Vote in 2016

J. Christian Adams, a former Justice Department attorney, explains how the Obama Administration is using every trick in the book to get as many legal and illegal immigrants as possible signed up to vote in time for election day 2016.   The Obama administration is doing everything it can to inject new voters in the […]

“Motor Voter” Laws Ease Signing Up Illegals to Vote

States are registering non-citizens to vote through the mandatory “Motor Voter” law even if they indicated on their forms they are non-citizens. J. Christian Adams, a former United States Department of Justice official in the Civil Rights Division will show the Supreme Court in a brief later this month that non-citizens are registering to vote […]