Obama Prepping 9 Million Green Card Holders to Vote in 2016

J. Christian Adams, a former Justice Department attorney, explains how the Obama Administration is using every trick in the book to get as many legal and illegal immigrants as possible signed up to vote in time for election day 2016.


The Obama administration is doing everything it can to inject new voters in the 2016 election, Judge. In DHS for example, they’ve issued orders to get all nine million green card holders — these are legal permanent residents — converted to citizenship before the 2016 election. Of course, most of them are going to vote one way: you can understand why the Obama administration is doing this. Those are the people who are here legally.


They’re also affecting the pipeline of people here illegally. The Supreme Court just this week received briefs in a case where the federal government is stopping states like Kansas and Arizona from checking to make sure that people are actually citizens when they register to vote, and the Obama administration justice department, the Election Assistance Commission, which is a federal agency, has tried to block states from making sure that only citizens are registering to vote.

Adams explains how the federal government under Obama is doing all it can to open the ballot box up to as many immigrants, both legal and illegal, as possible.

JUDGE JEANNINE: So now we have people who can say I’m not a citizen but I’m voting, but you said something motor voter. There are some states in the country that allow you to register and vote in the same day. How do we know people aren’t getting on buses and going from one state to the next state, as long as they can register to vote?

ADAMS: Yeah, it’s called same-day registration and it’s a big problem. You have it in states like Minnesota, Wisconsin other locations. What it does is what you say: you just show up to vote. You say I’m here to register, I live here, and I’d like to cast a ballot please.

It’s easy to understand why the Obama Administration is fighting so hard to block voter ID laws.  If voters are required to display the same level of identification to vote as is required to cash a check, millions of non-citizens (or if you prefer potential liberal voters) will not be allowed to cast an illegal vote.