Obama Says Middle East Christians Aren’t Refugees

Apparently, it is possible to deport refugees seeking asylum in the United States. 15 of 27 Iraqi Christians held in a California detention center for the last six months will be deported as the Obama regime has denied them refugee status. Obama’s flacks give the reason for the denials as The answer is that the […]

Ann Coulter: Trump Vilified for Truth Telling

Ann Coulter deconstructs the media frenzy to demonize Donald Trump’s comments on illegal immigration during his presidential announcement. Coulter notes nothing in the media criticism resembles refuting the facts about illegal immigrants and their crime rates. Then Coulter drops the truth bomb on the illegal immigrant backers and their deliberate attempts to hide the scope […]

Russian Speaking Iraqi Military Trainer Caught Illegally Crossing Border

An agent with Customs and Border Protection (CPB) leaked several documents to Brietbart Texas about a former Iraqi military trainer who was recently caught trying to slip unnoticed into the United States. The Iraqi man is named Ahmed Adnan Taha, Al Khafaji. His date of birth is 6-25-84. He has one sister in the U.S., […]