Russian Speaking Iraqi Military Trainer Caught Illegally Crossing Border

An agent with Customs and Border Protection (CPB) leaked several documents to Brietbart Texas about a former Iraqi military trainer who was recently caught trying to slip unnoticed into the United States.

The Iraqi man is named Ahmed Adnan Taha, Al Khafaji. His date of birth is 6-25-84. He has one sister in the U.S., one in Turkey, three brothers in Turkey, one in Ukraine, one in New York State, and three brothers in Iraq, according to the leaked documents.

The Iraqi told U.S. authorities that he spoke fluent Russian and lived in Crimea prior to the Russian invasion. He further stated that a Ukrainian paid $4,000 for him to get to the U.S., however, the Iraqi refused to identify the Ukrainian to U.S. authorities.

The public statement given by Border Patrol at the time of the Iraqi’s apprehension stated, “On Thursday, February 12, 2015, RGV Border Patrol Agents encountered an adult Middle Eastern male south of Pharr, Texas. The subject was taken into custody and transported to the Border Patrol station for further processing. The subject was setup for Expedited Removal back to his country of origin and transferred to the custody of ICE/ERO.”

According to the report, Ahmed spent the last six years in the Ukraine studying for a Master’s degree in Russian.  Allegedly, he left the Crimea after it was annexed by Russia. Previosuly, he said he was a trainer who instructed fellow Iraqi soldiers in anti-terrorism activities.

The agent who conducted the interview believes Ahmed to be a Russian asset sent to “infiltrate the United States.”  He cites his military training, fluency in English, Russian and Arabic.

Ahmed also described how he attempted to sneak into the U.S.  He spent two weeks in a safe house in Reynosa Mexico before making the attempt.