Commentary by Jim Gilchrist THE ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT ON THE GOVERNOR OF TEXAS Dear Americans, There is something you should know about the sinister use of our court system by persons with evil intentions to attempt to destroy someone they hate. I am extremely skeptical of the veracity of the charges lodged against Texas Governor Rick […]

Former Mexican Police Officer Wanted for Murder Arrested in Denver


Breitbart — HOUSTON, Texas. A former Mexican police officer, who is wanted in his home country for aggravated homicide, was arrested in Denver on Tuesday. According to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), 41-year-old Jesus Gabriel Ibarra-Espinoza allegedly shot a man in 2000 while he was on an assignment providing security to a local party […]

Minuteman Project radio round-up


Jim Gilchrist, founder and president of the Minuteman Project, is doing all he can to spread the word about his citizen-backed effort to secure America’s southern border. Listen to his most recent radio and podcast interviews below: The Cindy Graves Show Pastor Greg Young —- The Thom Hartmann Program, August 13, 2014 The Dan Cofall […]

Senate Republicans Block $2.7 Billion Border Security Bill


NEWSMAX — House Republicans are in a scramble to round up 218 votes from wary conservatives for a bill dealing with the immigrant surge at the U.S.-Mexico border. Members of the GOP whip team were meeting feverishly late Thursday with members they hoped to sway in order to build enough support to move legislation before […]

The Obama Policy That Is Behind The Border Tsunami


BREITBART — Depending on who you talk to, the massive wave of immigrants crossing our Southern border, was caused by A – The William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008, B – Obama’s 2012 executively ordered “Dream Act” amnesty, or C – Central American poverty and violence. All three of those answers partially […]

‘Minuteman Project’ Reboots, Recruits Volunteers to Patrol U.S.-Mexico Border


BREITBART — The Minuteman Project, the “citizens’ Neighborhood Watch on our border,” began recruiting volunteers on Monday morning for “Operation Normandy,” a new citizen effort to patrol the U.S.-Mexico border. Jim Gilchrist, co-founder and president of the Minuteman Project, posted a message on the group’s website outlining the operation, saying he expects “at least 3,500 […]

US Southern Command Chief: ‘Crime-Terror Convergence’ on Southern Border Is ‘Existential’ Threat to Nation


NEWSMAX — The United States’ neglect of its southern border has created a threat that challenges the country’s national security, says the general in charge of overseeing the region, and he is concerned that terrorists and others can exploit the vulnerabilities that have been created. “In comparison to other global threats, the near collapse of […]

More Military Bases Asked to Provide Facilities for Illegal Aliens


BREITBART — MURRIETA — As the border crisis continues, the Department of Defense is requesting that additional military bases make housing facilities and land available to accommodate a continued influx of illegal alien children. According to information provided exclusively to Breitbart through a source requesting anonymity, Major General John T. Winters has specifically requested installation […]