Kansas County Wants to Cut Off Welfare for Illegals

County Commissioners in Sedgwick County, Kansas have petitioned the state to restrict the federally-mandated but state managed Woman, Infants and Children (WIC) welfare program to citizens and legal residents only. Chairman Richard Ranzau on Wednesday proposed that the county ask the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, which administers WIC money in the state, to […]

Latest Scam: Illegal Aliens are Just “Spontaneous Arrivals”

Open Borders activists practice a kind of Newspeak, changing the language normal people use to communicate simple concepts into tortured constructions which pass by almost unnoticed. Of course their most famous word swap is forcing mainstream media outlets to call illegal aliens “undocumented workers.” Now, they are pushing another word swap. Now, even “illegal immigration” […]

Everything you wanted to know about sanctuary cities

So-called sanctuary cities are facing scrutiny in Washington after an unauthorized immigrant and five-time deportee was charged this summer in the fatal shooting of a San Francisco woman. Despite his immigration status, the suspect was released from jail prior to the incident. As a matter of policy, San Francisco officials do not notify federal immigrationauthorities when […]

Republican Christie proposes tracking immigrants like FedEx packages

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said on Saturday if he were elected president he would combat illegal immigration by creating a system to track foreign visitors the way FedEx tracks packages. Christie, who is well back in the pack seeking the Republican nomination for president, told a campaign event in the early voting state of […]

Republican Walker feels idea of wall between U.S. and Canada “legitimate”

Republican presidential hopeful and Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker, said in an interview Sunday the idea of building a wall along the U.S.-Canada border was a “legitimate” idea against the problem of illegal immigration and terrorism. Talking about border security in an interview with the NBC network, presenter Chuck Todd asked Walker if he would consider building […]

Ann Coulter – Trump, illegal vs. legal immigration and the Republican midgets

Donald Trump vs John McCain – Trump under fire – Ann Coulter weighs in on Sean Hannity’s show on FOX News. She is accused of only having one issue – immigration – by Hannity. How do you feel about it?

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