Ruthless human smugglers cash in on wave of illegal aliens


BOSTONHERALD — Sophisticated, international “coyotes” — often working in concert with drug cartels as they smuggle illegal immigrants into the U.S. — are the main traffickers behind the wave of 57,000 unaccompanied Central American children flooding the southern border, according to a Mexican-based human rights expert. And the coyotes are raking in hundreds of thousands […]

Boehner: I’m Not Giving Obama a ‘Blank Check’ for Border Crisis

Is immigration Overhaul Dead in the House?

FREEBEACON — Video:.. Speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio) said President Obama will not given a blank check to deal with the immigration crisis at the southern border. Speaking at his weekly press briefing Thursday, Boehner said “…the administration started earlier this month by signaling some openness to changes in the 2008 law to accelerate the […]

La Raza CEO: ‘USA! USA!’ Chants ‘Made Me Angry’


BREITBART — La Raza President and CEO Janet Murguia said it sickened her to hear Americans against illegal immigration chanting “USA! USA!” at protests around the country. Singling out the Murrieta demonstrators during her keynote address at La Raza’s annual conference in Los Angeles on Monday, Murguia accused them of having “cloaked their hatred in […]

New York Times Challenges Obama to Grant Amnesty to Millions of Illegals


BREITBART — The New York Times urged President Barack Obama to give amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants already in the country and let the illegal immigrant children who are flooding across the border remain in America. Not doing so–enforcing the country’s laws instead–amounts to spitting on them, according to the Times, which wondered if […]

Cartels suspected as high-caliber gunfire sends Border Patrol scrambling on Rio Grande


FOXNEWS — “We don’t have any armor that can stop a .50-caliber round, so our Border Patrol agents had to take cover when the rounds were richocheting around them,” said Gohmert, who has been in the area for the last week to get a first-hand look at the border situation. “When the shooting stopped, about […]

Protests Held Across US Against Obama’s Disastrous Immigration Policies


BREITBART — An activist group known as Make Them Listen has scheduled a two-day protest this weekend to decry the Obama administration’s failed immigration policy, with events to occur all across the country on July 19 and 20. The organized protest labeled “National Days of Protest against Immigration Reform Amnesty & the Illegal Immigration Surge,” […]

Evidence Mounts of a Manufactured Border Crisis


GOPUSA — The situation at America’s southern border is a “manufactured crisis,” one perpetuated—if not started—by the Obama administration. After all, the administration put out an ad in January 2014 asking for contractors to handle an influx of 65,000 children. “The surge to 60,000 or so children seen this year was said to catch many […]

Hundreds of protests set this weekend against illegal immigration, Obama’s policies


FOXNEWS — Hundreds of protests are taking place across the United States this weekend in opposition to the surge of immigrants illegally crossing the country’s southern border and proposed immigration reform that organizers say gives amnesty to those already living illegal in this country. Organizers say 321 protests will take place over the next two […]