Illegals Get Social Security Thanks to Obama Orders

An examination of President Obama’s executive orders on illegal immigration show some illegal aliens will qualify for Social Security payments including for time spent working illegally in the United States. Obama’s executive actions — according to a Congressional Research Service memo sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee and obtained by The Daily Caller — will […]

Study Shows Middle Class Incomes Crushed by Immigration

A new Congressional Research Service study shows middle class wages have dropped below 1970’s levels as immigration levels rose. The nonpartisan Congressional Research Service report studied immigration and middle class income from 1945-2013 and found that as immigration slowed between 1945 and 1970, American incomes increased. But when immigration expanded, the incomes of the bottom […]

Second Surge of Illegal Immigrant Kids Builds

Once again the Southern Border is seeing an upswing in the number of “unaccompanied minors” sneaking across. A huge wave of the Central American illegal immigrants nearly broke facilities designed to house them last summer and now officials believe a similar surge could break at any time thanks to Obama’s amnesty and loopholes in current […]

Obama’s Amnestied Illegals to Get Nearly $10k in Taxpayer Cash

A new finding from the Congressional Research Service (CRS) spells out how an illegal immigrant with a family of four kids could, thanks to Obama’s amnesty, claim up to $9,182 in taxpayer cash without paying one dime in federal taxes. Requested by an unnamed Senator, the CRS letter details the maximum Earned Income Tax Credit […]