Illegals Get Social Security Thanks to Obama Orders

An examination of President Obama’s executive orders on illegal immigration show some illegal aliens will qualify for Social Security payments including for time spent working illegally in the United States.ObamaSigning1

Obama’s executive actions — according to a Congressional Research Service memo sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee and obtained by The Daily Caller — will permit illegals who qualify for the president’s program to earn Social Security payments.

“Under the November 20, 2014, policy memorandum, foreign nationals who receive deferred action status may be eligible for work authorization,” the CRS memo states. “As a result, a foreign national who receives deferred action status may be able to have all of his or her Social Security-covered earnings count toward qualifying for a Social Security benefit (all earnings from authorized and unauthorized work).”

Therefore, illegal immigrants who have previously paid into the Social Security system — while using a fraudulent Social Security number, for instance — will be eligible for benefits derived from that system. Those benefits include retirement, disability and survivor payments.

Initially, President Obama denied illegal aliens would be eligible for Social Security payments for time spent working in the U.S. illegally but later he reversed course and opened the Trust Fund to illegals who could prove they used fake Social Security numbers while here.

Illegal immigrants covered by Obama’s executive actions are receiving new social security numbers.

A GOP aide who provided the memo to TheDC says that “the executive amnesty onion has just started being peeled.”

“These benefits programs are in dire trouble,” the aide said, “and they need to be preserved for legal immigrants and American citizens first and foremost.”

You can read the CRS memo below: