Illegals Have Taken Their Own Families Hostage . . . And We Are Paying Ransom

Take a look at commentator Michael Shannon’s analogy on the state of the illegal immigration debate in America today. Hypothetical situation: A father uses a stolen credit card to make a big FanDuel football bet. He’s taking a risk because he wants to have the best Feliz Navidad ever for his family. But to his shock […]

Lame stream media covers up illegal criminal’s status. What’s new?

According to, the only major news source that covers the subject of illegal immigration honestly, this illegal alien with a reckless record lured a woman to his room where it is claimed he raped her. And guess what the MSM did? They airbrushed out his ethnicity and legal status. An illegal alien, identified helpfully as a […]

Deported Child Molester Caught Reentering U.S.

Convicted child molester Abraham Anibol Chumil, a Guatemalan national, was caught illegally reentering the United States after he had been deported. Chumil pled guilty to sexual assault charges in Bergen County, New Jersey after authorities accused him of attacking an 8 year old girl. Chumil was arrested in August, 2013 for sexually assaulting an 8-year-old […]

Ted Kennedy’s Disastrous Immigration Legacy

Ted Kennedy is back in the news with the opening of a $79 million replica of the Senate chamber at the Ted Kennedy Center in Massachusetts. Katie McHugh of Brietbart News looks at Kennedy’s legacy as it concerns immigration. That’s because Ted Kennedy’s most long lasting legacy as a Senator was the 1965 Immigration and […]

Ann Coulter: Illegals Kill Way More Americans Than ISIS

Ann Coulter’s latest column is heartbreaking as it catalogs just a fraction of the vicious crimes committed by illegal aliens and compares that to the national security “crisis” represented by ISIS. You can always tell the media are hiding something when they obsessively focus on Muslim atrocities someplace else in the world. Cable TV could […]