The Left’s Secret Immigration Plan

Fox News pundit Bill O’Reilly used his talking points memo piece to give a quick rundown of the Left’s desires when it comes to immigration: Point number one: The left no longer distinguishes between illegal aliens and those who come here legally. All foreign nationals who enter are now described by the Times and others […]

Border Patrol: “Porous” Border is a “Smuggler’s Paradise”

Things are spinning out of control along the Southern Border as President Obama’s immigration policy is driving thousands to leap the border and disappear into the homeland. Border Patrol agent and Vice President of the Border Patrol’s local #3307, the union representing agents in the Rio Grande Valley sector, Chris Cabrera said that traffic on the […]

Trump Lashes Hillary for Hypocrisy On Border Fence

Leading GOP Presidential contender Donald Trump took Hillary Clinton to the woodshed over her flip-flopping on the effectiveness of border fences. “It is clear that the former Senator from New York and former Secretary of State has had a change of heart when it comes to walls and securing borders,” Trump tells Breitbart News. “She […]

Stop the Bleeding at our Borders

Although Dr. Thomas Sowell is not a medical doctor, he can still diagnose and offer a solution to an open wound in our body politic: the bleeding wound of our wide open borders. When, if ever, are we going to close our borders? When will we even take control of our borders, so that we […]

It Can Be Done! Hungary Builds Effective Border Wall In A Month

The Open Borders crowd constantly whines about how expensive and impracticable building a secure border fence is.  It’s so difficult that despite the fact its been authorized numerous times, very little of our Southern Border is currently fenced. However, building a secure border fence isn’t that hard, if you have the will  as the nation […]

Trump: Deportation Plan “Will Work”

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump jousted with mainstream media’s Scott Pelley on 60 Minutes last night over the illegal alien invasion. CBS’s Pelley derided deportation saying it was not “practical.”  Trump fired back calling his plan both “humane” and “practical.” Pelley asked Trump what he plans to do with the 11 or 12 million illegal immigrants […]