Obama Demands Islamic Refugees Get Welfare

President Obama’s minions at the Department of Agriculture are strongarming states to dispense millions in food stamps for so-called “refugees.”USDA Tells Mexico Illegal Immigrants Can Have Food Stamps

Georgia is one of 28 states that have refused to accept Obama’s terrorist-infused wave of Syrian “refugees” and Georgia’s governor Nathan Deal has signed an executive order preventing these “refugees” from accessing Georgia’s welfare system including food stamps.

“As long as an applicant submits a SNAP application that includes the applicant’s name, address, and signature, the state agency must accept and process the application to be in compliance with federal law,” Jessica Shahin of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program wrote to officials in Georgia.

Shahin’s letter demands that Georgia lawmakers “rescind this memorandum and cease this practice immediately.”

Georgia has not yet responded to the threat.  It is believed other states will soon receive similar demands to allow “refugees” unlimited access to welfare benefits in all 50 states.