Obama Demands Islamic Refugees Get Welfare

President Obama’s minions at the Department of Agriculture are strongarming states to dispense millions in food stamps for so-called “refugees.” Georgia is one of 28 states that have refused to accept Obama’s terrorist-infused wave of Syrian “refugees” and Georgia’s governor Nathan Deal has signed an executive order preventing these “refugees” from accessing Georgia’s welfare system […]

How Georgia Became a Haven for Violent Illegal Immigrants

According to an investigation by Atlanta’s WSB-TV, Georgia ranks first in deportations of illegal immigrants among all non-border states. And it trails only Texas, Arizona, and California as fourth overall, based on a review of government deportation records.   https://youtu.be/yfER9FV2kS0   In fiscal year 2013, there were 7,120 illegal immigrants deported in Georgia alone, according to WSB-TV reporter Aaron […]