Kansas County Wants to Cut Off Welfare for Illegals

County Commissioners in Sedgwick County, Kansas have petitioned the state to restrict the federally-mandated but state managed Woman, Infants and Children (WIC) welfare program to citizens and legal residents only.kansas map

Chairman Richard Ranzau on Wednesday proposed that the county ask the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, which administers WIC money in the state, to restrict program participation to citizens, U.S. nationals and immigrants who are in the country legally.

It’s not as easy as asking because:

KDHE spokeswoman Sara Belfry says U.S. citizenship isn’t a requirement to be eligible for WIC, and changing eligibility requirements would need state and federal approval.

Is it any wonder millions of illegal aliens scoot through our porous Southern Border?  Just pass through and land on American soil and the entire welfare bureaucracy will immediately lavish you with benefits.