Just Asking…

Just Asking...Jim Gilchrist – MMP Exclusive – If you hire people to mow your lawn for the summer, does this mean you’re obligated to keep them and their whole family around forever?

What if they didn’t want to leave your property when the work was done?

What if they wanted to live in your home, but you didn’t want them to?

What if they accused you of breaking up their family because you refused to let them live in your home?

What if they marched in front of your home with banners that said, “Trespassing is not a crime”?

What if they got in your face indignantly and asked, “Do I look like a trespasser”?

What if they said “no human being is a trespasser”, as if this entitled them to live in your home?

What if they wanted you to pay for their healthcare, food, and other basic needs while expecting to live in your home?

What if they said you really didn’t own your home anyway because the property belonged to someone else hundreds of years ago?

What if your church said that you were not a true Christian if you didn’t allow strangers to live in your home?

What if your friends said you should let strangers live in your home because you have always been a “welcoming” person?

What if these strangers convinced politicians that sharing your home was the right thing to do, that it should be the law of the land, and that you should pay to make it happen?

What if all this were being done to your country right now, what would you do?

Why haven’t you done it already?

Just asking.