Jim Gilchrist Responds to Southern Poverty Law Center Propaganda About Minuteman Project

Commentary by Jim GilchristJim Gilchrist – MMP Exclusive – Contrary to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Heidi Beirich, The Minuteman Project is still alive and well, despite the SPLC’s ridiculous claim in USA TODAY that it no longer exists.

I cut all communications with the SPLC propaganda mill two years ago when I realized it was nothing but a fundraising gimmick that relied heavily on publishing fairy tales to generate an endless stream of contributions from a naive donor base.

While the SPLC may have accomplished a few good causes in its heyday, currently it is simply a money-making machine that uses bogeyman tactics to generate hatred of one segment of society against another for the sinister purpose of luring unwary donors to send them what’s left over from their social security checks.

In the instant case, it appears that this volunteer civilian border protection trio apparently mistook the Maricopa County Deputies as possible drug runners who would have no compunction about shooting the trio to death to avoid detection of their criminal activities. The infiltration of lethal-minded criminal cartel members from Mexico is all too common along our 2,000-mile border with Mexico, as well as within our communities from San Diego, California to Bangor, Maine.

I think as the truth of the situation presents itself, either prior to any trial, or during any trial, that the person accused of aggravated assault against the Maricopa County deputies will have charges against him dropped.

According to the newspaper accounts about the incident, this situation appears to be nothing more than a case of mistaken identity. And based on the dangerous area that the trio was patrolling, it is no surprise that an incident like this would occur.

In the future, civilian border protection groups should inform local law enforcement about its presence and purpose in the area so as to avoid this kind of unintended confrontation.

More ideally in the future, we would have a federal government that took seriously its responsibility to protect the USA from those illegally entering the country. Until then, you can expect many, many more volunteer civilian border observers to assemble along the US-Mexico border to continue doing the job the federal government has deliberately refused to do for the past four decades.

Until the government “outlaws” freedom of assembly, essentially revoking the First Amendment, there is nothing it can do to prevent persons from going to the border to conduct activities within the rule of law. However, unfortunately, the government can use law enforcement agencies to harass and interdict persons conducting such activities, thereby arbitrarily using “selective” enforcement of US laws against persons or groups of persons the government does not like.