Illegals to Get Their Very Own Government Caseworker

If it isn’t enough that American taxpayers must shoulder the burden in the form of billions in welfare payments to illegal aliens, now the Obama Administration is launching a program to make sure they all have government case workers who can make sure they maximize the amount illegal can drain from actual American taxpayers.

“The [Family Case Management Program] will pilot a new alternative to detention initiative that uses case managers to ensure participants comply with immigration obligations while providing access to holistic community based services tailored to the individual families’ needs,” Customs and Immigration Services explained in a notification to stakeholders late last week.

ICE expects the pilot program to enroll some 1,500 families divided among five major metropolitan areas: Baltimore/Washington, DC; Los Angeles; New York City/Newark; Miami; and Chicago.

If it isn’t easy enough for illegals to navigate their way through the welfare bureaucracy, Obama’s new community organizers will make it even easier.welfare

According to a GOP staffer informed about the program, in addition to aiding illegal immigrant families with accessing pro-bono legal assistance, free medical clinics, public school enrollment, public transportation, and housing — in emergency situations these case workers will drive them to their immigration appointments and hearings.

The stakeholder announcement explains that the program will offer “orientation and education to participants about their rights and responsibilities; Individualized family service plans; Assistance with transportation logistics;  Assistance in securing access to housing, education, and medical providers (if needed); Tracking and monitoring of immigration obligations (to include attendance at immigration  court hearings); and Safe repatriation and reintegration planning for participants who are returning to their home countries.”

A senate staffer called the program “radically irresponsible.”

“Anyone who doesn’t concede this is going to create an even stronger magnet for illegal immigration to the United States is either clueless or dishonest,” the staffer said.

It’s not likely that Obama’s illegal alien handholders will be as vigilant in making sure their future voters get to immigration hearings as they will be to make sure they firmly grab every penny our governments shell out in welfare.