How Obama Stiffed Legal Immigrants

BREITBART — President Barack Obama may have made life easier for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants when he declared the “Dream Act” by fiat in 2012, in the midst of his re-election campaign. But in doing so, he shoved legal immigrants to the back of the line. Wait times for people trying to enter the country legally, especially for spouses and relatives, have skyrocketed, violating congressional intent and throwing families into turmoil. Breitbart News first reported this phenomenon in June 2013, noting that call centers were prioritizing illegal immigrants applying for deferred status, rather than legal immigrants. Immigration attorney Gary Chodorow has also been following the story, and has blogged about the long lag times in dealing with those applying to immigrate through the I-130 process for relatives of U.S. citizens, stranding spouses and parents abroad. [Read More]