Dennis Lynch Presents Dangers of Illegal Immigration at BVU in Storm Lake, Iowa


The contents of this video are for educational purposes regarding the serious factors involving the issue of illegal immigration into the United States of America by individuals from around the world. It is known that many are terrorists wanting to do harm to America and our Citizens.

On Sept. 26, 2013, Dennis Michael Lynch spoke on the issue of Illegal Immigration and presented his documentary films “The Come to America – The Cost of Illegal Immigration” and “They Come to America II – The Cost of Amnesty” while in Storm Lake, Iowa at Buena Vista University.

While some are quick to accuse Dennis Lynch of being a racist for producing such a documentary, you will find this video series to be anything but racist. He works hard to bring differing sides together to understand each others views on the issue of Illegal Immigration that affects so many while politicians use all as pawns.