The Biden Plan for Securing Our Values as a Nation of Immigrants — It is a moral failing and a national shame when a father and his baby daughter drown seeking our shores. When children are locked away in overcrowded detention centers and the government seeks to keep them there indefinitely. When our government argues in court against giving those children toothbrushes and soap. When President […]


MMP — TIME TO BREAK UP THE SOCIAL MEDIA BEHEMOTHS! LETTER FROM JIM GILCHRIST TO PRESIDENT TRUMP 05/27/20 Dear President Trump, I fully support your efforts to restore First Amendment rights to those of us who have been either banned from, or temporarily shut down by, social media behemoths like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, etc. […]

Democrats’ $3T coronavirus relief bill extends stimulus checks to certain undocumented immigrants

FOX — The Democrats’ new $3 trillion coronavirus relief legislation expands direct payment eligibility to many more people than last time, including undocumented immigrants who pay taxes. Each eligible person would receive $1,200 stimulus checks, up to $6,000 per household, according to the newly released legislation. For example, a married couple filing taxes jointly would receive $2,400. They […]

Father of Son Killed By Illegal: Need to Enforce Current Immigration Laws — Father of son killed by illegal immigrant on U.S. immigration laws Dan Golvach, whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant, discusses immigration laws in the U.S. While the debate continues to rage over immigration between candidates on the campaign trail, one man is urging U.S. politicians to do more than just talk […]

US Customs Border Protection on their plans at this time to build 509 miles of border fence

  ——– Original Message ——– Subject: Just Released – CPB Status Paper – Planning 509 Miles of Border Fence With $9.6 Billion Date: Tue, September 24, 2019 8:56 am To: This is a brand new status paper from the US Customs Border Protection on their plans at this time to build 509 miles of […]

King: Lax Immigration Enforcement Put “Three in the Morgue in Des Moines”

——– Original Message ——– Subject: RE:_King:_Lax_Immigration_Enforcement_Put_“Three_in_th e_Morgue_in_Des_Moines” From: “Hanlon, Sandy” <> Date: Fri, July 19, 2019 1:30 pm To: FYI Sandy Hanlon District Representative Congressman Steve King Federal Building 320 6th Street, Room 112 Sioux City, Iowa 51101 Phone: (712) 224-4692 Fax: (712) 224-4693 Email: From: IA04 Media <> Sent: Thursday, July […]