Father of Son Killed By Illegal: Need to Enforce Current Immigration Laws


While the debate continues to rage over immigration between candidates on the campaign trail, one man is urging U.S. politicians to do more than just talk about the issue.

Dan Golvach, whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant in January 2015, told the FOX Business Network’s Deirdre Bolton he doesn’t believe enough is being done to prevent more violent actions from happening.

“My son’s killer did five years in prison for attempted murder before he was let out by Obama,” Golvach said. “I’m all fine with laws, but we have to have politicians that will actually implement the laws and I think that’s the bigger problem. They don’t implement the current laws that we have.”

He added: “I think most of the politicians that we have in office these days… they’re not going to defy their donors and I think that the donor class is really big on this cheap, illegal labor. Of course you have the Democrats that are ushering in a voter bloc. They’re not going to let something like these pesky immigration laws get in the way of their agenda.”

If he had the power, Golvach said he would create a law that punishes politicians for not applying the immigration legislation presently in place.

“Had they been implementing the current laws that we have, my son would still be alive and I think a lot of these people [others killed by illegal immigrants] would still be alive, but they just refuse to do it—they’re lawless.”

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