CA Sheriff Stands Up to Illegal Immigrant Bullying

Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood is an old-fashioned law enforcement officer.  He sees it as his duty to enforce and uphold the law.

But thanks to crazy California lawmakers, he’s forced to make choice: enforce the law or ignore it.

So far, Youngblood is choosing to enforce it and that’s made the Open Border lobby howling mad.

So mad that the Governor of California called him personally:

“What are you trying to do to me?” the sheriff said Brown asked him.

“What are you trying to do to me?” Youngblood shot back.

Youngblood had announced he would no longer follow the dictates of the misnamed Trust Act which expressly forbid local law enforcement from cooperating with federal officials over illegal immigration. Currently, the federal government relies on local law enforcement to hold suspected illegals until they can be processed.

That’s not acceptable to the Open Borders crowd. Youngblood’s stance, to hold potential criminals, has made him a target for hatred and bullying from the massive illegal alien lobbying machine.

The sheriff’s immigration stance sounds like common sense to most Americans:

The federal government should start enforcing immigration laws — or write new ones, he said. He criticized President Obama’s new deportation policies, which say most immigrants who have not committed serious crimes and have fewer than three minor crimes on their records should not be priorities for removal.

“You’re in this country illegally and we’re going to give you three bites of the apple? That’s three victims!” Youngblood said. “If you commit crimes, you oughta go.”

He has also raised the ire of the Open Borders gang by actually doing his job and not rubberstamping papers for illegals to use to evade justice for their crimes.

He has largely refused to sign paperwork that immigrant crime victims need to apply for U visas, which allow some victims to stay in the country lawfully. As president of the Major County Sheriffs’ Assn., a national advocacy group, he has asked Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials to share data with police so patrol officers can determine whether the person they stop may be in the country illegally.

While Sheriff Youngblood isn’t popular in the salons of the politically connected, he’s managed to win reelection three times since 2006.

Fluhart said Youngblood’s views are refreshing in a state where politicians have passed bills that she says encourage unlawful immigration.

“They broke the law,” Fluhart said. “They shouldn’t be rewarded.”

Certainly, Sheriff Youngblood will be a target of the pro-amnesty lobby the next time he runs.  Hopefully, his common sense approach to law enforcement will once again resonate with the good people of Kern County.