You Know You’ve Gone Too Far on Amnesty When Lindsey Graham Attacks You

Noted amnesty enthusiast Sen. Lindsey Graham chided Hillary Clinton for here recent about face on illegal immigration.

“She’s shown no leadership on this issue. She’s been a follower. I think it’s just political pandering,” Graham said. “No American should want the executive branch to do something this monumental by themselves.”

Recently, Hillary endorsed President Obama’s illegal executive actions granting amnesty and has even promised to go further than Obama to ignore immigration crimes and grant citizenship to illegals.

This policy change came on the heels of a 2003 interview where Hillary claimed she was “adamantly against” illegal immigration.

Sen. Graham went on to say he’d be the perfect candidate to complete the GOP’s surrender on amnesty.

Graham argued that he would have the most credibility of any presidential candidate to push through a permanent legislative solution on immigration. “I think I could sit down with Democrats, who’ve known I’ve taken a beating to try to get a fair compromise,” he said, referring to his co-authorship of a sweeping immigration reform bill that passed the Senate with bipartisan support in 2013 and died in the House. “And I think I could convince my party that now’s the time to get this behind us.”