Word of Minuteman Protest at Mexican Consulate Spreading

The Examiner takes a close look at the very successful Minuteman Project protest recently held in San Bernardino, CA.

Noting that most major media outlets chose to ignore the innovative and instructive protest:

The group of demonstrators, many of whom were affiliated with groups such as the Minuteman Project, targeted San Bernardino’s Mexican consulate which is located across the street from City Hall.

While demonstrating in opposition to Obama’s executive immigration program, the angry protesters entered the Mexican Consulate to deliver a complaint letter to the Mexican consul assigned to that Californian facility. Quite simply, the protesters voiced their demand that the Mexican government give these American citizens the same benefits bonanza from Mexico that are provided to Mexicans who are illegally residing in the U.S.

The group of men and women were protected by the Minutemen and they were ordered by consulate police, who are not recognized as police in the U.S.A., to leave the Mexican consulate. According to the Minuteman Project group, the American protesters remained in the consulate, which is recognized by both countries as Mexican soil.

The protesters told officials that they were illegally in Mexico and asked that the Mexican government issue to them driver’s licenses, illegal (alien) rights, work permits, and equal rights. “When inside of a Mexican diplomatic facility whether it is a small consulate or a large embassy compound, people are for all intents and purposes legally inside that foreign country,” said former U.S. law enforcement agent Antonio Mendoza.

After making their point, the Minutemen led demonstrators exited the consulate Mexican security officers threatened to have them arrested. “Consulates are essentially satellite embassies that provide for services to persons from foreign lands to have their needs pandered to by both their homelands and their host country [the USA],” noted the leader of the Minuteman Project, Jim Gilchrist.

Mexico currently operates about 50 consulate offices in the United States, which dwarfs the number of facilities representing other nations. In fact, the Obama administration and the Mexican government are planning to increase the number of consulate offices as Mexico literally transports its population into the USA. “Eventually, Spanish will be considered the second language of the United States, since there is little or no requirement for Spanish speaking immigrants to learn English,” said Gilchrist.

There are close to 50 other Mexican consulates spread out across the United States. Every one of them is ripe for a similar protest, with law abiding citizens standing on what is technically Mexican territory and respectfully asking for the same boatload of goodies Barack Obama is handing out to illegal aliens here in the United States.

If it’s anything like what happened in San Bernardino, the Mexican government will do exactly what the U.S. should do, make us self deport or get the police to forcibly kick us out.