Who Deports More Illegals? Mexico or the U.S.

For the first time since the so-called “surge” of illegal aliens began, Mexico has detained and deported more illegals than the United States.

Between October and April, Mexico apprehended 92,889 Central Americans. In the same time period, the United States detained 70,226 “other than Mexican” migrants, the vast majority from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

Last year, the U.S. deported three times as many illegals as Mexico.

However, recently Mexico began a new Southern Border Program:

an initiative that included sending 5,000 federal police to the border with Guatemala and more border and highway checkpoints. Raids on migrants increased and authorities focused on keeping migrants off the northbound freight train known as “the Beast,” on which many have suffered mutilation injuries.

So, not only has Mexico reacted quickly to stem the tide of illegal immigrants swarming over its border, it has also streamlined its procedures for dealing with illegal alien deportations.

Mexico has proved the more efficient in deportations, which is already causing concerns among human rights groups about the new tactics.

In most cases, Mexico holds migrants only long enough to verify their nationalities, and quickly bundles them aboard buses to take them back to their home countries.

It can take years for a non-Mexican illegal to be deported if they make it to the U.S. It can take even longer if the illegal can make a play for asylum.  Mexico is far less generous with asylum claims.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, there were about 41,920 requests for asylum in 2014, not all from Central Americans. About 49 percent of requests processed that year were granted.

Mexico grants only a tiny number of asylum requests. The latest figures, covering a nine-month period from January to September 2014, show only 1,525 people, the majority of them Central Americans, requested asylum or refugee status, and only one-sixth – 247 – were granted.

Once again, a supposedly less developed country with far fewer resources has managed to outdo the United States when it comes to border protection and deportation of illegal aliens.  What is Barack Obama’s excuse for allowing the Southern Border to remain porous?