Commentary by Jim Gilchrist



Dear Americans,

The planned appearance of a militia group in Texas on September 20 is part of the solution to the reckless and flagrant disregard for America’s immigration laws by elected and appointed officials.

Although U.S. immigration laws are in place, there is no serious interest by bureaucrats to enforce these laws, despite polls indicating an overwhelming majority of Americans want, and expect, an “enforced” immigration policy. From mayors and local city council members who blindly comply with errant orders from political party officials above, all the way up to the highest level of government (White House and Congress), immigration laws enacted to preserve and protect our nation are blatantly ignored.

When simple enforcement of U.S. law becomes too heavy a burden, or a nuisance, for elected and appointed members of local and national government, then it is up to citizens to fulfill the duty envisioned by our Founding Fathers and accept the challenge of exercising the right to self governance.

While I still encourage a peaceful resolve to issues, I am acutely aware that such protocol is meaningless when elected officials relentlessly and selfishly ignore the grievances of their constituents, regardless of how many times over the past few decades their constituents have pleaded, begged, and demanded enforcement of U. S. immigration laws.

Currently, there are about 30 million illegal aliens occupying U.S. territory in blatant defiance of our laws. Soon, tens of millions more will follow as it becomes obvious to the world that the United States is no longer a nation of laws, but a nation of cowardly, charlatan political leaders posing as Gods of Governance. Those tens of millions will, of course, soon be followed by hundreds of millions more as U.S. law enforcement crumples against an unstoppable tsunami of illegal aliens arriving from all around the world. The scenario is made quite easy by presidents and a congresses that have routinely, and illegally, usurped U.S. immigration laws and convoluted the meaning of the Constitution to meet selfish, personal political agendas…without any conference with the electorate.

As we move into the future the conduct du jour will become mob rule, that “mob” being uncounted millions of illegal aliens in the United States; and tyranny, that “tyranny” being the repeated abuse of our immigration laws by wayward members of Congress and the White House who have become wholly disconnected with the rightful decision-makers of our country: U. S. citizens.

Americans, a handful of people cannot save a nation that does not want to be saved…but millions of people allied together can save a country that does want to be saved.

Perhaps it is time to call in the militias to encourage a return to our stature as “a nation of laws.” Our bureaucrats, except for a few dozen Republicans in Congress, have no interest in stopping an unprecedented invasion of illegal aliens, which will reinvent, and forever change, the demographics of our country and make our heralded stature as “a nation of laws” meaningless.

My advice to our nation’s disenfranchised: whatever you do, stay within the rule of law. Never encouraged anyone to take the law into his or her own hands. However, that advice is meaningful only in environments that are governed under the rule of law, and where equitable representation of the constituency is afforded to all.

If violence presents itself in this inveterate contest to return the United States to governance under the rules of law, I (and we) are helpless to stop it. That is not a threat of violence. Nor is it an entreatment of ill will. My opinions simply reflect the perspectives of most of the law-abiding, taxpaying members of American society who now see themselves as what they truly are: Americans without a country.

For God, Country, and for America’s one million war dead who died horrific deaths preserving the United States of America,

An American Without a Country,

Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President, The Minuteman Project