Texas employer sued by the DOJ

Commentary by Jim Gilchrist —

I’ve been “telling you so” for over a decade. Our nation’s rules of law insofar as immigration issues are non-existent. The Democratic Party is hell bent on luring as many immigrants, legal and illegal, into the USA in the hope that they will become Democratic Party members and vote accordingly…which they probably will in most cases. Such a clever, but unlawful, way to stack the voting deck to assure the Democratic Party will acquire absolute control over the nation’s bureaucracies.  All of this hanky-panky being conducted without any conference whatsoever with the electorate. Reminds me of a dictatorship. You know, like Sadam, Kadafi, Pol Pot, Assad, Putin.

It appears that peaceful protesting by immigration law enforcement advocates has accomplished little to nothing insofar as bringing the United States back under the rule of law.

Does this mean that violent civil disobedience will follow the frustrations of law-abiding people who otherwise would have remained peaceful, if only their political leaders had simply listened to, and took positive action about, their grievances?

After all, the Founding Fathers expected our political governors to respond favorably to the demands and expectations of the overwhelming majority of Americans who brought their grievances forward in a civilized manner.

Why has this concept failed? Why have our politicians, especially in the White House and Congress, brutally neglected the concerns of Americans who believe in governance under the rules of law, not under the duress of mobs of illegal aliens and their selfish, arrogant enablers?

Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President, The Minuteman Project