Tanzania: All Illegal Immigrants Must Be Flushed Out

All Africa News — President Jakaya Kikwete gave a two-week ultimatum to all illegal immigrants to voluntarily leave the country.

A good number of them complied with the president’s directive, with about 8,000 illegal immigrants who were hiding in several villages in Kagera Region having left for their countries of origin by the expiry of the deadline.

The president had warned that force would be used against those disobeying the order and, true, many illegal immigrants disobeyed, giving room for the strong arm of the law to do its work.

The president had made it clear that the operation was not targeting any particular country, but all the people who entered and had been staying in the country illegally.

It was actually in response to a lengthy outcry by people, especially those living close to the country’s borders, over increased incidents of crime including robbery, cattle rustling, rape and illegal grazing.

We support the operation to flush out and deport illegal immigrants, firmly believing that the move is long overdue for illegal immigration is subjecting the country to serious challenges and risks…. [Read More]