Tancredo Blasts Bi-Partisan Illegal Immigration Disasters

Former House member from Colorado and illegal immigration patriot Tom Tancredo has some harsh words for both parties when it some to the latest developments in illegal immigration.

He took the House GOP to task over their support for an amendment in the recent defense appropriations bill which would have given slots in the U.S. military to illegal aliens.

“I am annoyed that he used the appropriations bill for the military for social program development,” Tancredo complained. “We should never do that.”

Tancredo was a leader in the Border Security movement, launching a Presidential campaign in 2008 focused on enforcing immigration law.  His tenure in Congress was marked by battle after battle with his own party over amnesty and immigration law enforcement.

Tancredo said that he grew frustrated while in congress, because he was “unsuccessful in reversing the tide” of lawmakers accepting and subsidizing illegal aliens. “We were only successful in stopping them from doing greater damage,” he admitted.


During his tenure in congress, the immigration problem was twofold, Tancredo explained. First, Democrats looked at legal and illegal aliens as a source of new Democrats. “We use to talk about them as undocumented Democrats coming across the border,” he quipped.


Second, Tancredo informed that the Republican party “looked at illegal immigration, and legal, saw massive numbers and said ‘you know these are good cheap laborers.’ The chamber of congress would go bananas on any Republican that actually wanted to adhere to the law on immigration.”


This bi-partisan elite view on illegal immigration makes it especially difficult for patriots to pursue sensible border security policies.

The former Colorado congressman emphasized that America should not let the political elites in both parties “pull the strings on the illegal immigration issue, because it is absolutely one of the most important policy issues of our time.  It touches on so many aspects of our entire culture. Whether you are talking about healthcare problems, education problems, the federal budget, social services, or if you are simply talking the culture itself.”

Congress is not solving the immigration problem, Tancredo insisted, “because you got the elites in both parties putting up a huge, huge obstacle.”