Secret Policy Allowed San Bernardino Shooter to Evade Tough Visa Questions

Homeland Security is barred by a secret Obama Administration policy from checking the public social media postings of visa applicants.  Thanks to this policy, Tashfeen Malik one of the murderers in the San Bernardino shootings, was allowed a visa despite a significant pro-jihad social media presence. A secret U.S. policy that prohibits immigration officials from […]

Obama’s “Streamlined” Fiance Visa Steps Led to Horror in San Bernardino

President Obama “streamlined” the fiance visa (known as the K-1) requirements so much that a visa could be arranged from any terrorist country online for as little as $375 a piece. The 90-day fiancé visa supposedly requires a passport, police certificates from the  country of residence, medical examination records, evidence of financial support, and evidence […]