Obama’s “Streamlined” Fiance Visa Steps Led to Horror in San Bernardino

President Obama “streamlined” the fiance visa (known as the K-1) requirements so much that a visa could be arranged from any terrorist country online for as little as $375 a piece.tashfeen malik san bernardino terror

The 90-day fiancé visa supposedly requires a passport, police certificates from the  country of residence, medical examination records, evidence of financial support, and evidence of meeting and having a relationship with an American fiancé. But the Obama administration streamlined the process so that it can all be accomplished completely online.

That change ended the requirement that an applicant must visit a U.S. embassy where he or she would be photographed and had their fingerprints taken in person.

So much for careful vetting.  In fact, Obama’s lax visa standards have created entire new industries centered on driving as many immigrants into the country through this loophole.

The fastest-growing sector of the program is the “Fiancé Visa” program, known as “K-1,” which jumped from 30,290 in 2013 to 41,488 in 2014. San Bernardino terrorist Tashfeen Malik was one of them.

Referred to as the “mail order brides and grooms” category, there are at least 10 online companies that arrange 90 day fiancé visas at very low cost.

The activity has become so popular that in 2014 The Learning Channel launched a TV series called 90 Day Fiancé that tracked people each week from around the globe who were trolling on Facebook to arrange a marriage proposal as a backdoor into America.

ISIS would have known that the show generated 69,761 Facebook likes, and that one episode imported a potential groom, named Alexi, from war-torn Ukraine.

San Bernardino terrorist couple Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik were part of this K-1 visa scheme.

It was widely known back home in Pakistan that Tashfeen was religiously radicalized during college, and that she immediately began posting extremist messages on Facebook after arriving in the U.S. in 2014.

A family member who only speaks Urdu said that before Tashfeen went to the U.S. on her 90-day fiancé visas, “She used to talk to somebody in Arabic at night on the Internet. None of our family members in Pakistan know Arabic, so we do not know what she used to discuss.”

Syed and Tashfeen were married in Islam’s holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Although the Obama administration talks about the “robust” security measures they have put in place, Tashfeen was granted permanent status and a green card last summer after a supposed FBI and Department of Homeland Security background checks.